1. Our compensation depends on the contribution we make. The neediest aspect of giving is not within the realm of material wealth, it exists in a realm peculiar to human nature. The omnipotent man is really good at nothing, and the omnipotent expert is really good at nothing.

2. Too much love makes people unable to see clearly. Excessive force means a lack of confidence, distrust, fear of not having time to express one’s emotions, and fear of not having time to wait patiently. But in fact, it is easier to see the heart when the water flows slowly, calmly, and deeply.

3. There is unfairness in this society, don’t complain, because it’s useless! People always improve through self-reflection!

4. When you hit the bottom, it means that you can only go up, not down! No wise person would deny the exercise value of pain and sorrow. The world will give way to those with purpose and vision.

5. Maturity is not the heart getting old, but tears rolling in the eyes and keeping smiling.

6. Among the easiest things in the world, procrastination is the least laborious.

7. I would rather smile and cry than cry and regret. No matter how much you cried last night, the city is still full of traffic when you wake up in the morning. No one can be pure all the way to the end, but don’t forget the original self.

8. Today’s achievement is yesterday’s sweat, and tomorrow’s success requires today’s efforts.

9. As long as your feet are still on the ground, don’t take yourself too lightly; as long as you are still living on the earth, don’t take yourself too seriously.

10. Efforts do not necessarily result in gains, but hard work is worth it.

11. Since you have identified a road, why bother to inquire how long it will take?

12. Positive people see an opportunity in every trouble, while negative people see some kind of trouble in every opportunity.

13. A child without an umbrella must run hard!

14. Sublime ideals are like flowers growing on high mountains. If you want to get it down, hard work is the rope to climb.

15. No matter how terrible the world is, always leaving you still makes me worth caring about.

16. Destiny is like the palm print in your hand, no matter how twists and turns it is, it is ultimately in your own hands.

17. Without economic independence, there will be a lack of “self-esteem”, without independent thinking, there will be a lack of “autonomy”, and without personality independence, there will be a lack of “confidence”.

18. Marriage is like picking up shells. Don’t pick up the biggest and most beautiful ones, but pick up the ones you like and the most suitable. And, if you pick them up, don’t go to the beach again.

19. Time will pierce the gorgeousness and delicacy of youth. He will engrave parallel lines on the forehead of beauties; he will eat rare treasures, and he is born beautiful, and nothing can escape his sweeping sickle.

20.  Do not wait for opportunities, but to create opportunities.

21. Happiness and luck come at a price, there is no free lunch in the world!

22. Learn to be tolerant, and have a tolerant love!

23. Every choice has a different ending, just like walking on a different road will have different scenery. Therefore, if you want to see the splendid scenery, you may wish to meditate for a while before making a choice.

24. Being ordinary is a blessing, not thinking about progress is a sin, and depravity is equal to adding sin to sin. A person’s eyes are black, but his heart is red. Sometimes when the eyes are red, the heart turns black. What makes you climb high is not borrowing the shoulders of others.

25. Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.

26. The meaning of diligence is today’s passion, not tomorrow’s determination and the guarantee of the day after tomorrow. There is no hypothesis in life, there is only consequence and result. Don’t ask others why, ask yourself why.

27. Do not want to have too many emotions. Just laugh with friends. When you feel tired, take a good rest. Why bother yourself?

28. Conscience is the fairest judge of everyone. You can deceive others, but you can never deceive your own conscience.

29. Anyone who can stand in the perspective of others and consider others is compassionate.

30. Success does not come in the future but is accumulated continuously from the moment you decide to do it.

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