What is Yoosaad?

YOOSAAD is a website composed of the name of three siblings. “Yoo” comes from Yoobsaan. He is my brother, “saan” from Barasaa or in English Beresa, this is my name, and “d” from my sister Dirribe. Yoosaad also has an abstract meaning in Chinese, 优仨迪 (yōu sā dí), which means that three siblings use wisdom and creativity to create a better life. This is why I chose to create yoosaad.com.

yoosaa.com is an online learning platform to help people at home and abroad learn Afaan Oromoo, Amhara, English, and Chinese, and improve their learning skills and daily activities. Our mission is to allow more people to speak and write Afaan Oromoo, which is a language widely used in Ethiopia and other countries. Our vision is that in the next five years, hundreds of thousands of people can use Afaan Oromoo around the world.